Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wintersowing 2011 part 3

Finished wintersowing today. Some plants like the various Pulsatilla species and the blue poppy apparently don't like transplanting, so I sowed them in 4" peat pots, six pots to a tangerine crate. Each pot/crate set was placed inside a clear plastic bag with ventilation and drainage holes punched in it. I used little duct tape / BBQ skewer flags to identify each pot.

Final list of plants sown:
I'm beginning to wonder where I have room for all of these plants!

The mystery flower pod, by the way, look like these:

via Carol Parafenko's blog
Any idea what these are? I have no idea why I haven't documented these or entered these into my Folia seed stash database.


  1. What's in the jugs you have covered with the branches?

  2. No jugs, just a couple of planters full of spring bulbs that I'm trying to protect from the cold and wind.

  3. I've got 2 of these in my gardens this year - they had small (1" diameter or so) yellow bell flowers, fuzzy stems & sunflower-like leaves. Can't ID them anywhere. Did anyone let you know anything about them?