Monday, June 13, 2011

An 800 pound gorilla and its showy, svelte friend

The Di Cicco broccoli is developing a head and taking over cedar planter number 2. Also in the same planter but obscured by this monster is, believe it or not, Purple Peacock broccoli, and Red Russian and Dinosaur kale. Stunning how big they've become since planting out in mid-May. Lesson learned: Di Cicco is not space-efficient!

Purple Peacock, on the other hand, seems like an ideal broccoli to grow when you're short on space and I'm beginning to understand why Linda from Tree and Twig Farm sent me these seeds. Not only are the showy purple-veined leaves attractive (as you can infer from this picture of it as a seedling), they're also edible (it is a broccoli-kale cross)! Best of all, the plant itself is petite - maybe a third of the size of the monster Di Cicco. Perfect for balcony container gardening!

Sadly, I have no good pictures of this small-space gem but I'll make sure to post any in the fall if I can squeeze in a second crop.

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