Saturday, February 26, 2011

Astonishing moonflower power and brassica seedlings

The moonflower seed I sowed in the plastic 4-pak is fairly exploding with growth. In about 24 hours, the sprout went from barely poking its shoulder out of the ground to a 2 and a half inch tall monster, and the seeds leaves haven't even shaken themselves out of the seed coat and opened out fully yet.

February 23, 13:58
February 25, 11:38
February 25, 17:47

February 25, 21:54

February 26, 11:51
It also looks like the cell might be too shallow for this type of seedling, because there's a little root sticking out of the bottom. Not sure what I should do now: transplant to a deeper pot, or wait until true leaves develop. At the rate this thing is growing, the plant with its first set of true leaves might be huge, so I'm leaning towards the latter option.

The bok choy seedlings continue to grow. Closer examination shows that they just have weird bilobed seed leaves, and not four distinct seed leaves. Don't know what I was thinking yesterday.

The spinach is starting to come up as well.

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