Sunday, April 14, 2013


I was pretty excited to see many developing flower buds on one of my potted Pulsatillas at the end of March and I was hoping for a spectacular display.

Over the last several days, though, the fronds on the clump in the back of the pot started flopping over, almost as if the plant hadn't been watered and the flowers buds stopped developing. But the plant at the front of the pot continued to grow. This is how the pot looks today (the clump in question has now been rotated to the front):

The leaves are all crispy, the buds are all brown. I wonder what happened? Pretty disappointing.


  1. I would recommend pulling it up to inspect the roots, but it would likely kill it outright. Overwatering maybe?

  2. That's likely. I saw one frond wilting, and increased the frequency of my watering. Oops ...