Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bug ID please: do I have a problem?

I discovered these guys while taking care of my light garden. Looks like they're munching away at the surface of the leaves of my moonflower seedling (the one that turned purple) and potato vine cuttings. I'm pretty sure they originated with the moonflower seedling. Do I have a problem? Should I be reaching for the neem oil? Are the guys in the fourth picture baby versions of the ones in the first three?

In other news, The Dirt Gently Nursery for Slightly Fungus-ridden Toilet Paper Rolls has been integrated into the germination and propagation station. Behold!

In the three big pots on the bottom shelf are bok choy, spinach, and carrots that I'm hoping to harvest after growing them completely indoors.

According to Xanboni, the fungus growth in TP roll pots can be avoided by baking the rolls for 30 minutes at 250°F.

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