Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beat Jack Frost

Inspired by this enthusiastic TV gardener, and just in time to beat the chilly overnight temperatures, I brought in my geraniums and the supposed sweet potato vine from the balcony for the winter.
The plants were cut back, stems and roots, to around four inches, and transplanted into six inch pots and then well saturated with soluble transplant fertilizer.
Red geraniums

Pink geraniums

"Sweet Potato Vine"

"Sweet potato vine" in quotes because according to the label, it is a sweet potato vine, but neither its leaves nor its flowers look anything like one. The flowers look more nightshade-y than ipomoea-y. When I dug it up to transplant it, there was no tuber. Not sure what it is, and not my favourite plant, but it seems to be thriving, and with my black thumb, I’ll take what I can get.

Undeterred by the sad story of my dying grocery store rosemary cuttings, of which only a single one remains living (50/50 perlite/vermiculite, without rooting hormone), I stuck some of the cuttings into damp potting soil and coarse sand / perlite mix. We’ll see how they all do. I’m hoping the red geraniums thrive; they’re my favourite of the three.

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